What we do?
Planning – Strategy Formation
    Forming communication strategies for goals: with this strategy, the content of the communication, target group, related tools, timeline and budget are formed.
Visual Design
    Creating visual design in accordance with the communication strategy and expected outputs.
Content Creation
    Content creation, copywriting, video production with photos and/or illustrations for key messages in the communication strategy, 
    Organizing events by producing, distributing, renting and/or purchasing of materials projected by the communication strategy.
How do we work?
1.    First we work with the employer in order to understand and develop the outputs requested
2.    We define the social benefit and understand its limits
3.    We understand the dynamics affecting social benefit
4.    We understand the technical requirements
5.    We produce draft work, and we set forth the picture in mind
6.    We discuss the idea with the employer and all stakeholders
7.    We make the required revisions
8.    We get approval and move on to the administration phase
9.    We follow up the administration
10.    We evaluate the results
How could we work together?
 Individual Expertise
    If you are looking for an individual consultancy to solve your needs in the field of communication design, we can offer you the solution you need with our individual consultant expertise. It is possible to provide the service you want with senior or junior expert level. 
Supplier Company
    If you need a reliable and specialized company to solve your needs in the field of communication, we will be pleased to serve you with our experience, legal and financial qualifications, suppliers that produce the highest quality work. 
    If you are looking for a long-term support partner or stakeholder, we are open to long-term collaborations with our experience, human resources and company competencies. 

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